News & Events

A Year of Growth for Agni Institute

In 2016-17 we created four Agni Institute DBAs (Doing Business As), and developed four additional websites specifically to promote our Programs and expand the independent outreach of each Division’s work. This enables our Programs to have greater flexibility to connect with people who are interested in our work.

We Plant it Forward News

In 2016-17 We Plant it Forward launched a partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Wake County. On January 21st 65 volunteers planted 15 large ball and burlap trees at a Wake Habitat housing development in Raleigh, NC. We are excited to begin this partnership. Through the year, we gave away over 400 tree seedlings and 110 tree seed kits at community events in and around Raleigh, NC.

We Plant it Forward is part of the Environmental Restoration and Preservation Trust Division and will be found on that website when it is up and running.

Summer Tree Camp in Raleigh, North Carolina

Sign up for summer camp with NC Museum of Natural Sciences and you’ll find WE PLANT it FORWARD there. We’ll be teaching about Trees and the Web of Life (Ecosystem), Bugs Plant it Forward, and The Mighty Seed: Life cycle of a Tree.

Research & Education in Action

Welcome to our new Agni Institute Division websites
Agnium Research (formerly Natural Laws Research) can be found at

Gender Equality and Respect for All (formerly Dual Origin) can be found at

The Dreaming Project can be found at Programs include the Dreaming Questionnaire; and Dream Registry.

Environmental Restoration and Preservation Trust (formerly Environmental group) website is under construction and will be up and running shortly.

Ways to Get Involved




Some ways you can get involved::

  • help run tree giveaway and planting events
  • take the dreaming survey
  • help compile data collected from the Dreaming Survey
  • work in a lab conducting psychic energy research on plants
  • assist in the lab to research UV light emanation
  • learn about the Dual Origin
  • Share your experience growing your own herb window garden

To find out even more visit our Get Involved page.