Inviting You to Create a More Abundant and Peaceful World!

At the Agni Institute, nature brings us together and guides our work. We seek to understand the fundamental laws of nature in refined energies, the subtle world that is all around us, and the true balance of our inner nature. These laws of nature also guide us to be stewards of the Earth and to live in harmony with nature to restore and preserve the environment. Founded in May 2009, our research, community action and educational opportunities seek to create well being and sustainable abundance for all.

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As a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, Agni Institute works to build a sustainable future by preserving our environment, investigating the physical and subtle laws of nature, and educating people on restoring respect, balance and harmony for all.


Where Your Contributions Go

The Agni Institute is built on the labors of the dedicated volunteers who are truly committed to this work. The success of this work requires time and also funding for such diverse programs as:

Preservation and Restoration of the Environment
Scientific Exploration of Natural Laws
Research and Talks on the Dual Origins

The success of Agni Institute's programs depends on the dedicated labors of our many volunteers. To assist these efforts, funding is required for such things as supplies for We Plant it Forward tree planting program, instructional brochures, laboratory equipment, and scientific study of data collection, to mention a few.

Any contribution you can offer will be used to further the work of Agni Institute. All work is presently accomplished through the helpful volunteers who have come forward to participate in bringing our projects to fruition. As our work grows and expands, we also look forward to paying for specialized services, such as a webmaster.

Thank you in advance for your generous and supportive offering.