Gender Equality

“Humanity should realize the majestic cosmic law of equivalency, the law of the Dual Origin, as the foundation of existence. The predominance of one Origin over the other has created a lack of balance and destruction, which may now be observed in all of life.” - Letters of Helena Roerich, Volume 1, October 7, 1930.

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A Talk on the Dual Origin

The bird of humanity needs two wings to fly high in the sky.  Currently, one wing is ailing as can be witnessed every day with violence in schools, ruthless business practices and armed aggressions, nationally and internationally, to name just a few examples. The ailing wing of the bird is the Receptive, or feminine energy in the world. The existence of humanity is based on the Dual Origin, a polarity that pervades the entire universe.  It is present in the atom: protons + (positive force) and electrons - (negative force), in electricity DC + (positive force) AC - (negative force), evaporation and condensation, yin and yang, etc. This polarity is often referred to as Creative - or masculine or active; and Receptive, or feminine, or negative.  The Creative makes things happen, the Receptive allows things to happen.  This is the basis of all existence. Without either one or the other, there simply would be no life.

We human beings have this polarity within us, we are made of spirit and matter and they are one and inseparable: spirit is active, matter is receptive. Our spirit needs our body to exist and our body cannot exist without our spirit. Furthermore, regardless of our gender or sexual identity, our organs are divided into the organs of action and the organs of perception: for example, our hands and feet, and our mouth are the organs of action and our ears and eyes are the organs of perception. Along our spine run two nerve currents that carry the prana, on the right the Creative - or masculine, on the left the Receptive - or feminine.

Traditionally, through centuries men and women have been educated from the cradle to behave in a “masculine” and “feminine” way respectively. Studies show that gender behavior is constructed and unfortunately, the masculine is associated with roughness and the feminine with weakness. The degrading of the feminine principle and the predominance of the negative aspects of the masculine principle have been going on for centuries, and are causing violence and destruction around the world. It is time for the scale to level out, thus allowing the bird of humanity to fly with two wings, which will restore balance, respect and harmony for all. (For a full version of this talk, click here)

A Talk on the Dual Origin by Maria Rocco: Video Clip