Home Apothecary

Identifying a collection of herbs specifically chosen to support the main, key functions of the body that you can grow at home. Our Home Apothecary program is unique in that it traverses two of our groups, the Environmental Trust and Agnium Research. We have placed the Home Apothecary program in both groups because the benefits of Home Apothecary draw upon the natural physical environment and primary energy (referred to in our Psychic Energy Research). The aims of the Environmental Group and the Natural Laws Group come together to offer you support in achieving nutritional self sufficiency and overall well being.

This primary energy found in all of nature comes to light in the healing properties of herbs. We offer the following Home Apothecary tools and resources:

Herbal Reference Guide
How to Grow Plants


Caution should be used when pregnant or breast feeding, and before giving to children. Discontinue use if allergic reactions occur and contact your medical provider.

For educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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The Complete Herbal Reference Guide is in this page, down below. Or download the .doc file here.

The Herbal Reference Guide is a database of some common herbs used in western herbalism. There are three easy ways in which the materials can be used.

  1. Alphabetical – the herbs are listed alphabetically by their common names. If there is a specific herb for which you are looking, you can go right to it.

  2. System search – if you are looking for an herb that relates to a particular body system, such as the respiratory or circulatory system, use the System files to look through different herbs that have affinities to those specific systems.

  3. Symptom search – if there is a symptom that you want to address using herbs, conduct a key-word search through the entire herbal Reference Guide. Open the Reference Guide and enter your key-word search for a particular word like throat, stomach, or rash. You can quickly scroll through all of the herbs selected out through that search.

 Please use your browser's Search functionality (Control-F) to find the Herb, system, or symptom you are interested in.




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The above listed references are the sources which the following material has been gathered from.  Each of the herbs has an indication regarding which specific reference was used. This reference is indicated with a (1), (2), and so forth in the line following the Latin name of the herb.