The Dreaming Project

SWR girl with umbrellaThe Dreaming Questionnaire

We have created 20 questions related to the dreaming experience to gather information about how dreaming awareness relates to a person’s life, location, gender, age and lifestyle. Come explore a significant portion of your life – your dreaming experience.

Take our survey now: the Dreaming Questionnaire.

Your participation will help us investigate the dreaming experience and quantify the statistical occurences of different types of dreams, their qualities, and their characteristics.

Dreaming Awareness Guidelines
We have created a simple list of suggestions that can help you remember your dreams. Here are the guidelines.

Reading list
Here is a suggested list of readings about dreaming and the subtle world.

Dreamland, by David K. Randall, available from Amazon.

Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge, PhD, available from Amazon

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Awareness of the Process of Dreaming

Every night our bodies shut down for physiological reasons but our consciousness persists and people have different levels of awareness of this experience, which we call dreaming. The focus of the dreaming project is to increase our scientific knowledge surrounding the dreaming experience.  We are gathering statistics from people like you pertaining to the different types of dreams you are experiencing and the different qualities and characteristics of the dreams themselves. This is the first time statistics of this sort have been gathered.

The focus is not what the content of the dream means. It is not a dream interpretation program. 

We are answering questions like:

  • Do people remember their dreams?
  • Are dreams different for different genders, ages, or locations?
  • Are people aware that they are dreaming, within a dream?
  • Are there common themes in dreams during various life events?

Dreaming Research Database

We spend roughly 1/3 of our lives sleeping. As we collect information through the Dreaming Questionnaire we will create a large database of various dreaming experiences of various people at various times in their lives. This will form the basis of a large scale investigation into the interplay between dreaming and waking life. We will examine such questions as these in this principled investigation:

  • Does waking life affect sleeping life? how?
  • Does sleeping life affect waking life? how?
  • Do major events cause a shift in dreaming for people in different parts of the world
  • On a given day, who are the people that dreamt about a certain, specific theme or happening (e.g. Flying or an event)? What do they share in common?

There are many ways to learn more about the dreaming experience and get involved with our work.